Support for adults with developmental disabilities

Aldaview Services in New Hamburg provides supports focused around physical and emotional wellness, personal growth, and Community participation at the level desired for adults with developmental disabilities. We believe in encouraging the self determination of those receiving services, and respect individual choice.

Residential opportunities

Aldaview operates residential homes in neighborhoods in the New Hamburg and surrounding areas. Living in an Aldaview residence, you will experience:

Supports with daily living activities based on individual needs.
Support to encourage personal growth and independence.
Qualified and trained Direct Support professionals to assist you.
An opportunity to live in a ‘family like’ environment that you can make your home.

For more information about Developmental Services accommodations, please call 519-662-5174.

Supported independent living

Individuals that live independently in their own homes but require some supports can benefit from this program. Supports are provided weekly, in areas identified by the individual to assist them in living independently. Supports may include help with laundry, groceries, and meal preparation.


Community participation supports

Supports are geared towards the individual goals and interests identified by each participant. A focus is placed on supporting individuals to be engaged in their community in a meaningful way, and as fully as they choose.

This may include participation in:

Community workshops, service clubs, organized groups.
Wellness opportunities such as fitness groups, exercise, outdoor recreation, hiking & sports.
Employment search, volunteering, pursuing hobbies and related community resources.
Exploring arts and crafts.
Social activities.