Our story

Successfully operating for over 50 years, Tri-County Mennonite Homes (TCMH) currently has locations in Nithview Community and Greenwood Court, two seniors’ continuum of care homes, and Aldaview Services, a program supporting adults with developmental disabilities.

We were founded in 1968 with strong core values. We are a Mennonite organization and uphold our growing organization with high standards.

In 2018 we celebrated our 50th Anniversary. Our significant achievements are attributed to the many individuals who support our organization, including our accomplished Leadership group, our skilled and supportive Board, our experienced and dedicated staff, and our invaluable caring and supportive volunteers. Thank you to everyone!

With the support of so many talented and dedicated people, we look forward to continued growth and many more successful years at Tri-County Mennonite Homes.

TCMH Strategic Plan