As a professional in the Retirement Industry I’ve always had particularly high standards and expectations for senior care services and accommodation wherever I have worked.  When it came to my own Mother’s needs changing and the necessity for her to move from living independently into Long Term Care, my professional judgement was an advantage, but it was my gut instinct that ultimately helped determine that Greenwood Court was the best possible place for her.  It wasn’t until my Mother moved in however, that I realized how right my instinct truly was about this incredible place.

On my first visit I noticed that not only did the building feel open, warm and inviting but there was a warmth among staff and residents that thoroughly impressed me.  There was a sense of community and inclusiveness that gave all residents a sense of equality and belonging.  This I knew would help my mother transition into the higher care that she physically needed, having been so independent all her life. 

The recreational programs and the staff that ran them were absolutely wonderful and she loved participating in making crafts, fitness classes, local entertainment, special occasion meals and parties and even going on outings on a bus that could accommodate her in a wheelchair.  In many ways it all made her feel very vital again even though she was physically deteriorating. 

Even her spiritual needs were met by the lovely in-house Pastor who would visit her frequently when my Mother was unable to leave her room.  They developed a bond that was very special that both my Mother and I were very grateful for.

She was treated with such respect, kindness and love by all the staff – as was my entire family – and I felt such a level of confidence that all the care that she was getting would be as high quality when I wasn’t there as when I was. 

Having been my Mother’s main caregiver and medical liaison for many years, I always felt that any of my input was valued by the medical staff who consulted and notified me frequently of every decision that had to be made. They made me feel very welcome and as the end of her life approached, I was encouraged to visit as often as I wanted, even very late at night.

I am so truly grateful that my Mother spent her last months at this wonderful place and my hat’s off to the General Manager Joyce and her team.   They not only gave her the best quality of life possible but they gave me and my family a peace of mind that was so pleasantly unexpected.  I have shared our experiences with many friends and I consider myself a ‘goodwill ambassador’ for Greenwood Court because I believe they set a standard that many other places don’t.  

I will strongly recommend this community to anyone who is looking not just for Long Term Care but for more independent levels of senior accommodation as well.

Family Member Experience